About Us - Technology Vector

About Us

We are committed as a partner of choice for its clients by providing innovative solutions

Who We Are

Our goal is to help brokerage and exchange firms empower their businesses through building a successful, transparent and ethical environment.

We will build for you a financial business of your own by connecting you to the markets and providing you with all the innovative and cutting edge technologies in a short space of time and at a reasonable cost.

Technology Vector Team

Technology Vector is a large multinational team located in several countries spanning different geographical regions. Our team members speak many languages, serving clients all around the world. We are experts in IT and software development in the FinTech industry, each department comprising of leading professionals. We appreciate everyone who works with us and inspires us towards achieving our success.

What We Offer

Integrations with all the most popular solutions

In the market so our clients can get everything in one place

24/7 technical support

We offer institutional-grade tools and technology and complement those capabilities with bespoke attention when it comes to problem-solving

A personal account manager

from the time of contract-signing is available in your native language and is on hand to serve you all way towards your success

A full range of services

to start your own brokerage or exchange with minimum cost and maximum levels of technology and professionalism

Our Values

Clarity & Integrity

We pride ourselves on our integrity and clarity in the way we do business. We always adopt an honest and sincere approach.

Working together

Everything we do is a result of a team effort. Our priority is to make sure all our teams are full of vitality and that they align their focus towards our common goal.

Empowering others

We specialize in helping people build more efficient businesses. We are always available to support those who are in need.

Orientation on results

We exert boundless energy into our products so you can save time. We get things done quickly and efficiently.

Constant improvement

We are constantly evolving and innovating our products and services so that we can provide you with a range of innovative and practical solutions.

Working with passion

We care about the end results of our work and deliver the best solutions possible with a sense of passion and purpose.